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I have spent the last decade learning how to effectively communicate, build relationships, increase awareness, drive sales, and share powerful stories.

I am here to help you find your dream customers, connect with them, engage with them and sell to them... authentically.

I believe we deserve to be prosperous in our dharma and I am here to guide you towards the success that is inevitably yours. 

Regardless of where you are at in your business, I can guarantee growth. Thank you in advance for trusting me, but mostly for trusting yourself and for believing in what you are selling.

Your business is thanking you. 

My strategies meet at the intersection of data & intuition

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Body Mind Business Baja

November 5th-11th, 2023

A retreat to sit in sacred ceremony with yourself and your business.

Each day has been intentionally curated to inspire creativity, mindset shifts, and breakthroughs in both your personal and business worlds. Baja is where my ideas come to life and where my soul comes to rest.

My yoga teacher and reiki master, Allison Eaton will be leading the yoga and meditation classes, and my team and I will be guiding you and your business with workshops, writing sessions, rituals and ceremonies. Plus evening sound baths, beach bonfires, delicious meals, adventures, and more.

This retreat is a special opportunity to connect deeply with what you want the next version of your business and life to look like and have the space held to dream big and design this next phase together. We will have plenty of down time to enjoy pool hangs, rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. 

Looking for a transformational experience that has a little bit of everything? This is it. ***only 1 spot left***

Harness the power of authentic self-promotion in a 3 month program that will give you the confidence and tools to communicate your truth, share your gifts, and execute a strategy to reach the next level of your business growth journey.

open for enrollment: SHIFT into  self-promotion

In the time working with Krista I sold out every retreat and I tripled my email list. We achieved every goal.
- Amanda Giacomini

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xx Krista

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